Primary Care Networks (PCN)

Primary Care Networks (PCNs) are a key part of the NHS Long Term Plan, with general practices being a part of a network, typically covering 30,000-50,000 patients. The networks will provide the structure and funding for services to be developed locally, in response to the needs of the patients they serve.

The PCN objective

To improve the health outcomes of our patients through shared working and effective commissioning, of high quality services.

  • meeting our statutory requirements
  • improving the patient experience across all services
  • involving patients, communities and hard to reach groups
Our Vision:

Coventry Navigation1 Primary Care Network is a cooperation between 11 GP practices working together to deliver high standard of care to our patients, ensure best quality and value for money

Our Values
  • Integrity, treating everyone with respect and equity
  • Actively listen to our patients and partners to maximize their potential and fully contribute to being part of Primary Care Network.
  • Work together effectively with our colleagues across health and social care
  • Patient social needs are looked after by trained professionals.